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Mango Lassi

Mango Lassi
Mango Lassi
Mango lassi is one of the many variants of this yoghurt based drink found all over the Indian sub-continent and it is starting to become popular in the west. Traditional lassi - plain or salted lassi - is very common in the villages of the Punjab, an area rightly famed for its dairy produce. This is a very simple drink - just yoghurt, water and salt with maybe some mint or spices - and is savoury rather than sweet.

A type of lassi, yoghurt sweetened with honey is used in certain religious rituals in India.It is also claimed that this drink can help prevent hangovers and stomach problems. Whatever, it is a really refreshing drink and a very good accompaniment for an Indian lunch.

There are loads of different recipes for mango lassi and they all yield somewhat different results. The recipe I use here gives a thicker, milkshake-like, consistency, but I will then give some other options.

Basic Ingredients

1 large ripe mango
1 pint (500ml) yoghurt
pint milk
Seeds from 2 cardamom pods
Mint or coriander leaf.

Notes on Ingredients

Milk and cream. Because these contain a certain amount of fat, these will cause the thickening effect when they are whipped or beaten (tiny air bubbles become trapped in the network of fat droplets increasing the volume). The type of milk you use (whole milk down to skimmed) and the amount of cream you use will determine how thick the result will be. I use semi-skimmed milk and just a splash of cream, and this produces something that is quite thick but still drinkable without the aid of a spoon.

Sugar. About 2 teasoons of demarera is ok for me - it depends on how sweet the mango is and how sweet you want the result. Brown sugar does add a nice extra taste as well.

Basic Method

Remove all the flesh from the mango and blend everything in a blender.

Notes on Method

Simple isn't it. You can serve with ice if you wish and garnish with mint or coriander leaf


The things about milk and cream I have mentioned above. You can use water instead of milk and this will produce more of a 'drink' rather than a milkshake sort of consistency.

Spices are another option - I love cardamom so I tend go for this option. Slightly roasted cumin is another option as are fennel and ajwain (roasted and ground - just ½ a teaspoon)

I drink mango lassi just as a drink especially in summer - the above makes abour 4 nice glasses. It does go nicely with a meal as well and could even be considered as a dessert.

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