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Indian Bread Recipes

There are loads of Indian bread recipes and I love them all. It's probably my upbringing - my maternal grandfather was a baker by trade and owned a baker's shop, my mother worked in his shop and so was also a trained baker. Unsurprisingly I learned to bake bread when I was about 6 years old.

My father moderated this a little; he was the chef of the house and whilst we didn't cook a lot of Indian food in those days I did learn to make rice and so on. But I love my chapatis and naan with Indian food and I constantly seek out new Indian bread recipes.

Generally speaking, whilst rice is eaten all over India, bread is the staple food in the North, rice being reserved for special occasions. When I went to India on business I was based in Poona, in Maharashtra - right in the middle, and there they eat both rice and bread. My first evening there, quivering with anticipation in the hotel restaurant I ordered by meal with both rice and bread. I was absolutely stuffed by the end of it and hardly ever ate rice with a main meal again for the whole trip. The breads were absolutely superb - my favourite was roomali roti which is a tissue thin roti folded over and over.

The breads are usually made with atta or chapati flour as it is usually called in the west, this is a stone ground whole wheat flour. Other flours which are used are maida flour - a general purpose wheat flour, rice flour, semolina flour and a few others.

Most of the breads are typically very simple using only flour water and salt in some cases.

Here are the Indian bread recipes I have so far - I will be adding more all the time

Stuffed Paratha

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