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Welcome to my Indian Recipes page If you have been here before then please feel free to skip straight to the recipe indexes This gives all my recipes alphabetically, by region and by category. But if this is you first visit then ...

... before you go haring off, a word about how I write my Indian recipes and how my recipes have come about.

How I write my Indian recipes

I recognize that everyone's tastes are different, so I have tried to write my recipes in a flexible way. Whilst I have tried to make my recipes as authentic as possible, it should be noted that India has a population of over 1 billion people, so it would be really strange if they all agreed on exactly how any particular dish should be cooked. And in any case much of the joy of Indian cooking is discovering that you really like fenugreek for example. So if you really like fenugreek and it goes with a particular recipe then maybe add a little more.

Chillies are another perfect example. Chillies in whatever form - fresh, dried crushed or powdered - are what will make a curry hot. So the amounts in my recipes are really to my tastes, you may want something hotter or milder. It's no big deal. Here is my sample recipe - just to show how I write my recipes here.

If you are cooking for a restaurant then consistency is very important and you have to follow recipes precisely or the results will be different and the customer won't be getting the dish he really liked last time. But if you are cooking for yourself and your friends and family! Then you are allowed to produce someting slightly different every time.

How my Indian recipes came about

The great thing about Indian cooking is that India is such a big place and there are so many regional variations; for any given dish you can usually find a couple of dozen different recipes, both in traditional books and online. Over the years I have collected quite a few cookbooks and I read them like novels - trying to figure out what is going on. What goes with what, how are potatoes cooked in southern Indian food, that sort of stuff. I try some of the recipes just as they are but all my recipes end up based on the many different recipes I have read and mixed together to come up with something that really works for me.

My first indian cookbook was by a British author - Harvey Day, The Complete Book of Curries - quite difficult to get hold of now. Its not really all that good compared with what is available today, but when it was first published in 1966 it was ground breaking - few people knew anything about 'real' Indian cooking. Its pretty battered now but I still refer to it and a few of my recipes have their roots there (particularly my Beef Madras)

Over the years people have bought be recipe book and I have a number by Madhur Jaffrey who is really excellent. One of my favourites is her Eastern Vegetarian Cooking. This has recipes from all over the Orient but I love the sections on Indian Breads which I love. A Taste of India is a really good book on Indian regional cooking with some good recipesfrom each region.

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