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Indian Cooking and Me

Hi my name is Andy and Indian Cooking is one of the passions in my life.I come from the north west of England (though I now live in the south), my teens were in the late 1960s and early 70s and Indian Food was not a prominent feature of my childhood; the Indian restaurants that were around at that time could often be pretty awful.

A good curry is now part of life for a lot of people, some studies have suggested that curries are actually addictive - there are certainly a lot of people who claim to be addicted.

As part of this, there is an increasing number of people cooking there own Indian food, and taking ever greater care over it. There seems to be two schools of Indian cooking in the UK and the West in general. There are those who strive to replicate the food served up in our Western Indian restaurants - well if you must. This site concentrates on cooking food as it might be cooked in an Indian home. I quite like the occassional Indian takeaway but - the stuff you can create at home can be so varied and tasty.

My Cooking Background

Cooking was always part of my life, my mother was a baker (her father owned a baker's shop) and my father loved cooking and was quite experimental, so I started cooking as a child. I started my Indian cooking at university and although the beginnings were modest, the little rack of curious spices that we bought did intrigue me. I have been cooking Indian food ever since, for over 35 years now (not every day, you understand) and I’m getting quite good at it. The little rack of spices has become about 2 large cupboards full and I thought it was about time I shared my little bits of knowlegde and experience, and of course my recipes.

I do cook all sorts of other food but Indian is one of my favourites. I'm not a professional chef but I have been told by qualified chefs that I have cooked for, that I should be. Personally I prefer to keep the passion and keep this as a hobby.

What's on this site

So, if you are here reading this (and clearly you are) have a look round the site. All the recipes here are things I have cooked and eaten myself and tested on my two grown up children and a variety of other 'victims'. I am adding to the recipes all the time, every time I cook a new recipe and I am happy with it I will write up what I did with a few photos. I sometimes edit old recipes if I find an interesting new variation. Here is the main alphabetical index.

Besides the recipes there are some pages on the spices, what are they, what they do, are they nutritious and so on. There are some pages on equipment and cooking methods for Indian cooking and a good few pages on general ingredients.

I have made a start on some pages about regional cooking - not finished yet, done in no particular order and apologies if the region you are looking for is not there yet. Eventually I will also get round to writing some pages on the history of Indian cooking.

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