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Fish Curry Recipes

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It's not that difficult to find a good fish curry recipe, however, in the UK at least, fish curries are overlooked to a ridiculous degree. The only seafood you ever seem to see in Indian restaurants are prawns.

Personally I really like nearly all seafood (the main exception is the whelk, which I still suspect is the result of an experiment to find a substitute for rubber that went tragically wrong). When I was in India on business, I was in Maharashtra where seafood is relatively common and so I feasted well on fish recipes.

The coastal areas of India are teaming with a great many varieties of fish and every type of dish is made with fish in these areas. There are tandoori and tikka recipes, you can make pakoras with fish, they can be used as starters, snacks, side dishes and of course there are many fish curry recipes - koftas, kormas and others - for main meals.

It is difficult to get the fish that is available in India (stuff with names like Rawas, Butterfish, Surmai, Pomfrets and Halwaa) but it is generally best to use quite a firm white fish to avoid the whole thing breaking up, but I have found that cod and haddock are ok - monkfish tails are really good for fish curries.

There are also a whole multitude of prawn recipes which I will eventually get around to; some involve whole prawns, a lot involve crushing them to a paste and mixing with other ingredients. Prawn balchão is a fiery Goan dish which can be used as a main dish or a side dish.

Here are the fish curry recipes I have so far - I will be adding more all the time

Meen Molee (Fish in creamy coconut)
Maharashtran Style Prawns (in tamarind and coconut milk)
Prawn Vindaloo

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