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Chicken Curry Recipes

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Chicken curry recipes are so plentiful I hardly know where to start. Chicken and lamb are, mostly for religious reasons, the two most popular meat dishes in Indian cooking, Chicken has a number of nutritional hooks - like of all the main meats (beef, lamb, pork) skinless chicken has least fat and most protein, and there is also the cost factor - chicken is relatively cheap and available.

Here in the west chicken is also incredibly popular, both at home and in restaurants. (I think chicken tikka masala still ranks as the all time most popular Indian dish). In India, a great number of the population are vegetarian, the degree varies, some are lacto veggies etc., but overall meat is not eaten on the same scale as in the west.

The Muslim population (just over 13% of Indians) are non vegetarian and so in some areas there are many meat dishes cooked and chicken curry recipes abound. In the North, in Kashmir, Assam and West Bengal there are large Muslim populations and so a lot of chicken dishes come from these regions. But there are pockets of Muslim influence all over the country, each region adding its own styles and flavours.

As a personal preference I pick and choose my chicken recipes quite carefully. For example I think that vindaloo can overpower chicken a little and whilst I may do this occasionally for a change, I prefer to use pork (the traditional meat for vindaloo) or maybe duck for this.

Here are the Chicken curry recipes I have so far - I will be adding more all the time

Butter Chicken/Murgh Makhani
Chicken Biryani (Awadhi style)
Chicken Curry
Chicken Jalfrezi
Chicken Salna
Chicken Korma
Chicken Vindaloo
Kerala Chicken
Mughlai Chicken

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