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Beef Curry Recipes

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Beef curry recipes are a little unusual in India; not only are there a substantial number of vegetarians in Indian, but to the Hindus, who form the majority religious group, the cow is sacred and so they do not eat beef. There are however other religious groups in India to whom beef is not forbidden. Muslims will eat beef as will Sikhs although because of their closeness to Hindus it is unusual in the Indian mainland.

There are other pockets of India where beef curry recipes can be found. On the island of Sri Lanka (formally Ceylon), the culture is very diverse and many religions are represented. Here meat eating is common and beef is a local favourite. Kerala, with a Christian population of about 20% is another example and here you will find a really good beef fry. One of the first Indian dishes that I got good at many years ago was a Madras beef curry (and specially for you I have done that one again and put up the recipe).

In the west we eat lots of beef (some would say more than is good for us - OK whatever) and so it is nice to do a good beef curry occasionally.

Nutritionally beef is quite complex because there are so many different cuts of beef with differing amounts of fat involved - so you can choose the cut which best suits your requirements. Personally I like to buy something like chuck or skirt, which is good and tasty, does not disintegrate with cooking and you can trim the excess fat to suit yourself.

Here are the Beef Curry recipes I have so far - I will be adding more all the time

Beef Curry (Ceylon Beef Curry)
Beef and Cauliflower Curry (Gobhi Gosht)
Beef Madras
Beef Sukka

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