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I'm Andy, welcome to my Indian cooking site. Cooking and eating Indian food is one of my passions in life, I've been cooking 'curries' now for over 35 years and I thought it was about time I shared some of my knowledge and experiences.

Indian Food
Some random recipes: Rogan Josh, Lamb Koftas and Gobi Gosht

There's a good chance that you've come here for an Indian recipe, well I have plenty of those, all my recipes are cooked at home and I usually manage to photograph the results - when my kids don't scoff the lot before I get chance.

Have a look at the menu on the left there where you will see the A-Z of recipes, I have tried to make this really easy to use by including all the alternative names for the same thing (e.g. you will find 'Bombay aloo' as well as 'Aloo Bhaji' pointing to the same recipe.).

There are also recipes by category where you can look for 'lamb' or 'lentils' or whatever. And then there are recipes by region (or you can go through the regional pages and follow links from there). There will be a few odd links to recipes thrown in at possibly appropriate points.

I absolutely adore Indian food, but I often was disappointed by the takeaways and restaurants I used. After many years I have found the reason for this. Most Indian restaurants make vast quantities of what is often called a 'melting base'. Basically this is a spiced up onion gravy and it is used in most of the dishes they serve. They then add 'appropriate' things to get the dish you ordered - more chilli for a Madras, coconut for a korma etc. This is why a lot of Indian food tastes quite similar.

My recipes here are all cooked from scratch - and it's really not that hard. The variety is astonishing.

I have no problem with you going straight to a recipe you fancy, they're all good and every recipe here is cooked and eaten by me and my family before I write it up. If you do cook a recipe from here, then please feel free to comment on it using the link to the comment form - we all love feedback, good or bad.

You can also subscribe to the site (no this doesn't mean paying money) through RSS and then you will get all my new recipes as soon as I write them up without having to go look for them.

Indian Food
Some more random photos - Chaat masala, Chicken Biryani and some Coriander leaves

If you would like to read some of the other stuff on Indian food as well then please do. If you're like me, then no matter how good a cook you are, there is always something new and interesting.

You can read all about spices, where they come from. how to store them and use them, and what they do to the food (and what various people say they do to your body).

There are sections on other ingredients such as meats and vegetables and the oils they can be cooked in.

India is a vast place with many cultural, religious and climatic variations. So you can learn about the regions of India and what the people eat and the differing cooking styles in different areas.

Learn about traditional cooking equipment and methods, and the history of food in India. There will be sections on nutrition and calorie charts when I get round to it.

You don't have to read it all at once, just browse a bit, cook at bit, browse a bit more.

So off we go - pick a link from the menu on the left and enjoy! - Or Search the Site to find something

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